Become a model

Become a model

Who do we need? 
We look for normal people of every age and size. Are you comfortable in front of the camera, has a great smile, a special talent and can act, then we’re interested. Stock modelling is more like acting than posing the perfect look.

Looking for models with special talents: dancing, sports, acting, all kind professions, art, hobbies etc.

Other subjects we also need models for:
- Pregnancy
- Day to day life with physical disabilities
- Family life
- Beautiful looks: smile, face or body parts.
- Extreme sports: skateboarding, downhill biking, surfing etc
- Health workers: hospitals, dentists, rehab etc

How to become a model?
Please fill out the form bellow and add a link to some photos of you. Everyone are welcome to apply and maybe you can end up as one of our regular models.

Where do we shoot?
Most of the shoots are done in the south east parts of Norway (Oslo and Viken).

All models receive payments for the shoot.

How are the photos / videos used?
Photos and videos are sold under a royalty-free image license and be used in both prints and digital use. All models will be required to sign a model release before the shoot which allow the images to be used.

Model Contract
A model release between the photographer and model giving the photographer permission to use photos and videos of the model. Our model release is standard contract used by all the largest stock agencies. Please ask if you want a copy of the model release we use. 




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